Smart Parking Solutions

Our Features


Are you now ready to deploy our cloud-based Parking Management System?

  • Find and Book Parking in Seconds
  • Book any parking space from anywhere
  • Reschedule/Cancel booking made easy
  • Easy payment options
  • Optimal utilization of the parking spaces
  • Enhanced Parking revenue
  • Facilitates dynamic rate changes

Customize Spaces

Customize & reserve parking space as per company, staff, pay-&-park, etc.


Slots Per Vehicle Type

Allocate slots as per two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles to utilise all available space.


View Live Reports

No more manual checking of bookings, be informed with dynamc reports on the fly.


Auto-Generated Passes

QR code-based passes are instantly auto-generated for a visitor, which helps being faster, without human intervention!


On-Spot Or Monthly Pay

Parking passes generated can be on pay-&-park or a monthly pay basis.


Access Control System

Integrate parking passes with access control system - boom barriers, biometrics, etc.

Slots On LED Display

Display empty slot info such as floor and bay on LED screens in the parking bay.


Ensure Periodic Patrolling

Monitor security guards on duty and shift changes in the parking bay area.


Levy Penalty for Violations

Levy instant penalty tickets, if any person or vehicle is found guilty of any time or rule violation.